Quality / Reliability

Quality Policy

Frontier Springs Limited is committed to sustain and improve marketleadership and delight customers by offering high-quality rail systems. We will adjust and adopt to the changing needs of our customers and remain dedicated in our efforts to serve them to the best of our ability.
These shall be achieved by:
  • Effective implementation of Quality Management System and IRIS for consistency and continual improvement in Product Quality and processes.
  • Failure prevention and exceed customer expectations
  • Total involvement and continues training of our people.
  • Cultivation of long terms and mutually profitable relationship with suppliers and external partners.
  • Create robust Quality Culture.

Quality You Can Depend On :

At Frontier we take every step assure that you receive only the highest quality products and services. Quality starts with the raw materials coming into our plant and continues through to the delivery of your finished springs and related components.

Quality Certifications :

Frontier has the quality procedures in place to turn the raw materials into products manufactured to the highest standards. As part of our quality program we have met all necessary quality certification requirements.

Continuous Improvement :

It’s not enough to manufacture the highest quality springs in the industry. Frontier is committed to maintaining our position as the best through a program of continuous manufacturing improvement.

Safety Policy:

We are committed to provide Safe Rail Systems and products. We will achieve this by meeting the:
  • Applicable statutory and regulatory requirements for the Products.
  • Customer Safety requirements for the Products
  • Reliability requirements for the Products

We will promote product safety culture and improve the overall product safety awareness to all level of employees.